Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club

A little bit of old Florida preserved in a modern world


February – decorate the lodge with Valentine items a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day; ask Lia to offer a Valentine’s special over the weekend nearest Feb. 14; the Communications Committee will create a flyer

March – decorate the lodge with St. Patrick’s Day items a couple of weeks before St. Patrick’s Day; ask Lia to offer a St. Patty’s Day special over the weekend nearest March 16; the Communications Committee will create a flyer

April – decorate the lodge with Easter/Spring items a couple of weeks before Easter; Gerry Moore organized the Easter service in 2022 as she has for the past many years; she will not be able to organize the 2023 service – possibly ask Teresa Houlihan; there is a group of ladies who will help stuff eggs the Friday before Easter; ask for donations of small pieces of candy to fit inside the eggs – more plastic eggs will be needed for 2023; don’t store the stuffed eggs inside the dining room because someone tampered with them in 2022 – send them home with someone if possible; ask for donations of cash and coins for prizes - $5s, $1s and any amount in coins are all needed; ask for volunteers to help hide the eggs early Easter morning; ask for volunteers to manage the different age groups – toddlers egg hunt between the Lodge and the Fitness Center, elementary ages hunt directly behind the Lodge; older kids hunt further away from the Lodge wherever you can hide them up to the campground; we raffled off 3 baskets as a fundraiser; ask Lia to offer an Easter brunch for Sunday morning, 9:30 am or whatever will work for her; the Communications Committee will create flyers for asking for candy/money donations, advertising the service and egg hunt, etc.

May – decorate the Lodge with Patriotic items after Mother’s Day and before Memorial Day; ask Lia to prepare a special for Mother’s Day weekend; it’s nice to offer the mothers a flower or some candy during the weekend but not necessary; Memorial Day – 2022 was held at the Lodge where a video was shown and the national anthem was sung; hamburgers and hot dogs were provided by the SEC – 40 hamburgers and 40 hot dogs were all eaten that day, along with relish, mustard, ketchup, large box of individual chips from Sam’s club, 3 cases of Capri Sun and 1 case of water; Memorial Day is usually held at the flag pole, so some members didn’t like that it was at the Lodge; however, other members said they liked it at the Lodge because they weren’t standing in the hot sun or in the rain; the Communications Committee will create a flyer

June – ask Lia to prepare a special for Father’s Day weekend; in 2022 we wrapped a small note around KitKat bars and Lia and Fernando handed them out to all the fathers who dined over the weekend; it’s not necessary but was appreciated

July – the Equestrian Committee usually organizes the parade beginning at 10 am; in 2022 we served over 100 hot dogs, the large box of individual chips from Sam’s Club, 4 cases of Capri Sun; 2 cases of water; 2 ketchups, 1 mustard, 2 relish; 3 large tubs of ice cream; the toppings were donated by the SEC committee members – fudge, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, small candies, cookie crumbles, sprinkles; the Communications Committee will create a flyer; NOTE, the grill at the Lodge doesn’t work, we used my personal grill for all the cookouts

August – we didn’t hold an event in August in 2022, but in past years sometimes we held a Back to School movie night, offering popcorn and drinks

September – we didn’t hold an event in September because the Equestrian Committee had their Scavenger Hunt fundraiser over Labor Day weekend

October – decorate for fall a couple of weeks before Trunk or Treat; Trunk or Treat is usually the weekend before Halloween; since Covid, the trunks have been set up on the Low Road and at the Chapel; 2022 they were set up only at the Chapel; prizes, piñatas, cake walk are all held at the Lodge after trunk or treating ends; registration table should be at the entrance to the Chapel/Low Road depending on where you set up the trunks; ask someone to create a couple of “Guess How Many Pieces of Candy” jars for prizes; provide juice boxes and water; ask Lia to offer a special kids’ meal for dinner, whatever she wants to offer – it encourages people to dine at the Lodge; after this event, remove Halloween type decorations and just leave any Fall decorations out; the Communications Committee will create a flyer

November – Wine Tasting Fundraiser was held Nov 5, this event might not be needed, depending on available funds; baskets were raffled off; SEC provided appetizers and guests brought wines to share; IH wine glasses were offered via amenity tickets as another fundraiser; this year the Equestrian Committee graciously held a pancake breakfast fundraiser the Friday after Thanksgiving to go along with the wine glass fundraiser, the event was very well attended and, combining the funds, we were able to cover the cost of the comedian for the members dinner ($1500.00); IH has had our own Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving for the past six or seven years and it is very well-attended; volunteers cook 2-3 turkeys and 2-3 hams; members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share; decorate the Lodge for Christmas Monday before Thanksgiving; Movie night is Friday after Thanksgiving – offer popcorn and candy, juice boxes, water, this year we showed a Charlie Brown double feature and borrowed Sandy Steinruck’s projector which worked well; Parade is Saturday after Thanksgiving, organized by the Equestrian Committee; SEC provides cookies, juice boxes, water, candy canes and Santa (aka John Moore) at the Lodge after the parade

December – organize the Craft Sale/Holiday party on a Saturday in December – ask members to bring their own beverages and an appetizer to share; this year Rena Schlener and Dianna Stoffer provided music in the form of Christmas carols and asked for donations to raise money for the SEC in 2023; ask Lia to offer a special dinner that night; remove Christmas decorations sometime after Dec 26th

January 2023 – organize the Members’ Dinner several months in advance – ask Lia to offer a special, this year was a buffet dinner with a comedian after dinner, Juanita Lolita, this event was very well-attended; SEC plans the theme and any entertainment and also decorates the lodge

Things to remember:

  1. Advertise any meeting you hold at least five days in advance – send your agenda to Celina in the office and also send to the Communications Committee
  2. All flyers, including upcoming committee meetings, get posted at the lodge and at the gate
  3. After the meeting, present the notes at the next Board meeting and also send the notes to the Communications Committee
  4. When you need amenity tickets, Celina is happy to create them and she does a great job
  5. Some of the Halloween decorations are stored at the office, so notify Bob when you want them and he will have the staff pull them out
  6. The staff will set up the Christmas tree for you – just let them know the day/time you want to decorate
  7. At the January meeting, present a report for the past year
  8. Celina can let you know the balance of funds in the SEC accounts – one account is a general account and one is specifically for Trunk or Treat