Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club

A little bit of old Florida preserved in a modern world


The weather is finally starting to cool off, so it’s a good time to get out to the Shotgun Sports Facility and get some practice rounds in. The grass has been trimmed like a golf course, and the targets are flying fast and straight. It’s a glorious morning that starts out with shooting your shotgun at birds, even if the birds happen to be made of clay!

The machines are being serviced tomorrow, which will be helpful since both a Laporte and a Western Machine on field #2 aren’t oscillating anymore. Not entirely surprising, twenty or thirty years of use does take a toll on mechanical equipment. We’re also needing service on the Wobble Trap Machine’s Horizontal Oscillator. She’s always needed a little encouragement to get over a flat spot on the windings, just a little nudge with the foot to get her spinning. Unfortunately, someone didn’t realize the motor was buzzing due to a faulty capacitor rather than the flat spot, got a bit overzealous with their nudging, and ended up encouraging half the fins off the flywheel. We couldn’t get a replacement motor before, but hopefully Howell Traps has one now, or otherwise we might be nudging that thrower up on the asset replacement schedule.

Now that it’s officially fall, all our special events will be happening again soon. We have a Committee Meeting on November 6th, where we will be deciding the date of the events and discussing the new schedule. The Foster & Carson Shoots, Tombstone, Skeet & Five stand Championships are all in the works. Watch in the TomTom and the Wednesday Flier for announcements for these events.

The Skeet field #1 is opened every Sunday from 9:00am to about Noon. Every fourth Sunday we open the Five Stand rather than the Skeet field, which has a lot of interesting targets and is a lot of fun. The cost of a round of 25 targets is $8.00, which is about the lowest price you can get anywhere. Be sure to take advantage of the George Arata Shotgun Sports Complex, located just a short ride from any lot at the Hammock.

The Hammock shooters and RSO’s are all very nice and friendly, and we strive to provide a safe and fun environment. Everyone is welcome to come out and shoot. Hope to see you out there!

Matt Rector, Co-Chairman