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The Rifle Pistol Range has had some new target rails and posts installed. As you know, the rails have always been too far apart to be spanned by the standard political signs we use as backers, so we had to use tape to dangle them between the rails. During windy conditions, the tape would fail and your backers would invariably end up on the ground. Half the time it didn’t even need to be windy. Well, we came up with a design that includes a couple two by two’s side by side for the top rail, with a space between that the backer slides thru. The bottom rail is a horizontal 2x4 with a notch routed into the center that the bottom of the backer to rest in. The distance between the rails vertically is less than the dimension of the backer, so the top of the backer rests between the 2x2 top rails while the bottom rests in the notch. The only tape required is to hold your actual target to the backer, which you can tape on or replace while the backer is held in place by the rails. The horizontal rails are made to be replaced, they set onto holders in the posts, so once they get too shot up you simply lift out the old ones, and slide a new set into place. Once you use this system you will welcome the change, it makes a world of difference. This system is at both the 50 and 100 yard locations at the rifle range, and also at the 25 yard pistol range. As always, please try to limit shooting up the rails and posts if you can. It happens to all of us. Well, most of us anyway. As the sign says above the urinal, if you’re missing your target… please stand closer!

We had a group of nineteen RSO’s get certified on April 3rd, so congratulations to all our new RSO’s. I ended up doing the range orientation, and it was good to see all the new people. If you see new faces show up at the ranges, don’t be shy about greeting them and helping out or lending some advice if needed. As always, if anyone has a question or needs additional information, do not hesitate to point them to Bob Morrison or myself. The Rifle/Pistol Range SOP’s are in the box at the Rifle Range, and are also posted on the IH website. We have a source now for blank backers, we’ll try to keep them stocked at the range for e

everyone to use. That said, never hurts to snag political signs after the elections to help out, particularly those of your least favorite candidates.

Stay safe!!

Matt Rector, Rifle Pistol Committee Co-Chair