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Preservation Committee

Preservation Committee May 2021

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by Tom Brooks. The attendees were: Tom Brooks, Stacy Woods, John and Gerry Moore, Jasmine Littee, Mike Hogan, Stephanie Barnes, Bob Baum, Carla Sapp, Chad Burr and Sandy Steinruck.

A motion was made by Sandy Steinruck to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the March meeting, and to approve the minutes. It was seconded by Stacy Woods. The motion passed unanimously.

Tom Brooks reported in keeping with our strategy, two biologists from FWC had visited the Hammock for two full days and had completed their assessment of our invasive plants and wildlife habitat. A short draft report has been requested, with their full report expected sometime in June. The short report will provide some information as to what to expect and allow for additional planning. The last assessment was conducted in 2018. They are not charging us for any of this work.

To save IH cost, FWC has suggested we explore applying for a Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program that offers up to a 50% cost reimbursement. Materials were provided and a discussion resulted in a motion was made by Sandy Steinruck and seconded by Yasmine Littee for BOD approval to meet with the Partnership Coordinator to discuss their program. The motion passed unanimously.

Tom Brooks will schedule a meeting with the program coordinator, if approved, to learn more about this program and how it could benefit the Hammock. Other grants are also being explored.

The committee discussed and agreed that we need the members to treat the invasive species on their lots while the Hammock treats them in the common areas. In an effort to educate members, Stacy Woods and Yasmine Littee volunteered to research webinars and links to share with property owners. All of this information will be shared via the Tom Tom and the IH website. The committee discussed appointing a contact person who will be responsible for sharing the recommendations from FWC with the members on a regular basis.

A big “Thank you” was send to Mike and Brooke Dinnen for the Cypress trees. We made $1720 via the Cypress tree sales. That money will be used to plant trees next year in the Hammock and to buy trees to sell next year to raise additional funds for future tree replacement.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:23.

Respectfully submitted by, Sandy Steinruck