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Preservation Committee

The Preservation Committee was first approved in Feb 2021 with the original goals of addressing the ever-growing threat of invasive plants to our natural habit and the cleaning of our canal system. The first six months were focused on the development of a plan to deal with these issues. Experts in management of natural wildlife habits were contacted and consulted which included biologists from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, St John’s Water District, and University of Florida. Also involved were the Federal US Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida Division of Forestry and Florida’s Dept of Environmental Protection. As a result, a plan was developed and is on the IH website for your review.

This year we had two workdays with approximately 750 pine sibling trees planted and an additional 250 given away to the membership. We removed potato vines near the front entrance and had two tree sales to raise money. With membership approval we applied for a federal grant and were approved for $10,000.00. Five thousand has been received with the additional money expected in the next 30 days. This money will be reimbursement for the canal cleaning and cost for the herbicide which has already been sprayed. We hope to again receive membership approval for additional moneys.

In addition, we are negotiating with the Florida Forestry Service about tapping into their $90 million grant to help us with burning and the removal of more invasive plants. We also hired a private company, Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc who trained our employees about herbicide application and to act as a consultant if needed. To date we have treated all 20 miles of roadway and large sections of the common area for cogon grass and have cleaned over 3 miles of our canal system, as well as Lake Coleman and Foster Park. When Foster Park was cleaned the dirt removed was sold to help offset our cost.

This year, we plan to start fully implementing the plan with some burning, more canal cleaning and expanded herbicide application to untreated areas in the common areas. There are a lot of moving parts going into this and it will take time, but we are seeing progress. The Preservation Committee will keep you updated on our plans and invite anyone who wants to join us to attend upcoming Preservation Committee Meetings.

Tom Brooks, Preservation Committee chair


Click the link below to read and print the Habitat Management Guidance for Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club.  


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