Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club

A little bit of old Florida preserved in a modern world

Meet the Candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors

These are the candidates who submitted biographies and may not reflect all potential candidates.


I am Corey Miller, an accountant with 4 accounting offices serving Palm Beach, Martin, and Okeechobee counties. I have had the pleasure (usually) of being your Treasurer for several years. My wife Lauren and I have owned property in Indian Hammock for many years. First as weekenders, and finally as full-time residents (Lot 29). I believe that IH is a special, one-of-a-kind place to live. It is the Board’s responsibility to maintain our property using the utmost fiscal responsibility. Our facilities are in excellent shape, our finances are strong with funded reserves. I hope to continue as a member of the Board and serve the community.



Lot 208

I grew up in Houston and graduated from Texas State University with a BBA in Finance in 1993.  I moved to Florida in 1992 and work at Merrill Lynch.  I am married to Jennifer and we have two adult children (Connor and Carson), both of whom enjoyed weekends in the Hammock doing all the fun things the Hammock has to offer. I have previously served 4 non consecutive years as an IH Board Member.  I have been a member and past president of the Business Forum of Broward County, member and past president of the Sport Fishermen of Broward and a former council member of Zion Lutheran Church and School in Deerfield Beach.  I am currently a member of the IH Trap and Skeet Committee and the IH Aviation Committee.  I enjoy the outdoors, flying, shooting sports, hunting, and sharing all of these activities with family and close friends.


I believe that I can bring a broad background of business and finance experience to the membership.  I have experience working on committees and boards, and I understand the importance of working together to resolve issues fairly and build vision.  I am also prepared to represent a family perspective for the membership and at the same time respect the overall vision of our Hammock.




For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tom Brooks, and I am seeking to be reelected on the Indian Hammock Board of Directors. My wife, Debbie and I moved 2 ½ years ago to Indian Hammock as full-time residents from Jupiter Farms in Palm Beach County. My wife is a retired Preschool Teacher, and I am currently employed as a Legal Investigator for the law firm, Gunster. However, I plan to join my wife in retirement sometime this year. Since becoming a member of Indian Hammock, I have been very active in a number of offered activities to include horseback riding, shooting, bike riding, the pool, etc. I have also served the community as a past member of the Finance Committee and currently I am one of the Community Contributing Writers for the Tom Tom, the Chairman of the Preservation Committee, and serve as the 1st VP on the IH Board of Directors. 

We moved here for the same reasons as many of you, for its amenities and beauty. We feel very fortunate to live here and have made some wonderful friends. IH is a very unique place and as a Board member it is no secret that I want to protect and preserve it. However, doing so has not been without some challenges. Covid, inflation, a slowdown in the supply chain and growth have all contributed to the board having to be flexible and conservative in establishing priorities. But at the same time, we have focused on using every means available to improve our facilities and our common grounds while staying within our budget. But it is not over! I am very confident with proper planning we can meet these challenges and still retain our lifestyle. 

As a current Board Member, I serve from the standpoint for what is in the best interest for the entire membership and IH as a whole. I pride myself as being respectful, open minded, fair and invite you to bring your thoughts and suggestions to the board. I would like to invite each of you to get involved in one of the many committees that serve as advisers to the Board of Directors. It is important that we all work together to keep Indian Hammock the place we all moved here for! If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call.


Member/Owner Lot 36 and Lot 188

As a fifth generation Floridian, I knew Indian Hammock would be my home when I first came through the gate over 26 years ago.

My wife Stephanie (a former IH board member) and I have two adult sons-Austin 29 and Bradley 28 who grew up spending many weekends here.  They learned to safely shoot, ride horses and enjoy many hours in “the outback”. The boys still come to “The Hammock” every chance they get.

 I have been part of the movement over the last few years that has revitalized our deer herd by installing increased food plots and instituting managed hunting practices. Our success as a community in this endeavor is evident every night as you see increased numbers of deer. 

Over the past 26 years, I have enjoyed everything that Indian Hammock has to offer including being a committee member of the Trap and Skeet, Rifle and Pistol Range and Hunt Committees. It has been my pleasure to also serve as an Indian Hammock Range Safety Officer (RSO) for many years. 


As a Commercial General Contractor and business owner in South Florida for the past 35 years, I have a unique set of problem-solving skills that will allow me to analyze issues that come before the board of directors with three things in mind:


     1. Does it make sense for the preservation of the LIFESTYLE of Indian Hammock members?

     2. Does it enhance and/or preserve the SAFETY of Indian Hammock members?

     3. Does it make sense from a FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE for the members of Indian Hammock?

I believe my commitment to these principals will make me useful as a Board Member.



I am John Macaluso, I reside at lot 293. Let me tell you a little about myself: I have been a Florida resident since 1990.  I am a hunter, pilot, and avid outdoors person. I owned and operated a Professional Motorsports business in Winter Haven, Florida.  I also owned and operated a Toyota Dealership in Winter Haven, Florida.  My wife and I moved to Indian Hammock in March of 2018.  Over the years I have driven by the entrance of Indian Hammock countless times on my way to the coast and thought it was a state entity.  If we had found it 20 years ago, we would have never lived anywhere else. 

My goal for wanting to be on the board is to keep this wonderful place what it is.  The place we all loved enough to commit to.

I believe that board members have a responsibility to ALL members to make sure the “Hammock” remains the magical place it is, not just another Florida housing development.  I believe in using good ethical decisions for maintenance or improvements for all our members quality of life with an eye on keeping our HOA fees in check.

We truly have an irreplaceable piece of OLD Florida that is rapidly disappearing, it’s value can only continue to grow.

I would appreciate your vote, so we may continue to enjoy the magnificent Indian Hammock Hunt and Riding Club that we all know and love. Thank you.   


My name is Robert Sacco.  I bought a lot here in Indian Hammock in 2016, and I built our home and barn in 2017.  I was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. I followed in my father’s footsteps, and I am now a retired NYC Police Officer.  During my time as a Police Officer, I formed Robert Sacco Construction and Robert Sacco Heavy Equipment Companies.  RSC would go on to manage and develop multiple private lands and custom home projects for the next 24 years.  I owned many other small businesses during this time as well.  I moved to Florida after helping with the clean-up of 911.  I’ve had horses since 1974, and currently own 5 horses.  I genuinely care about the welfare of all the horses here in the Hammock, and I have some ideas to bring horse people together to enjoy them even more.  I have many years experience in business, so I know the aspects of how the Hammock is run.  We need fresh ideas and fresh faces to keep improving on this beautiful community that we call home, and I think I can do that.  I look forward to being an active and giving Board Member for all residents.  Please introduce yourself to me so I can share my thoughts and ideas.


LOT 139

Julio Morejon and Maria G Morejon, MD have been owners of Lot 139 at Indian Hammocks Hunt and Riding Club since May 2002. Our three children grew up going to the IHHRC for weekend and vacations. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy all the benefits it offers, from trail on horseback to shooting and skeet. We support our hunting and pilot neighbors, and embrace all the other activities that our community offers. We also respect the fact that the demographics of IHHRC has changed and balances are needed preserve our lovely community. As a board member of our HOA, I will protect our shared space, support a platform where all our voices can be heard and continue to drive the transparency needed to make IHHC a special place.

 Julio Morejon brings over three decades of experience with extraordinary success in a series of high level roles at Cisco Systems and a number of International and US based Financial Institutions.

 Over the last decade at Cisco Systems, as the Large Complex Deal Lead for Americas Service Provider, Julio has successfully driven over  $1 Billion in deals that include complex structures. Julio drives outcomes through common sense approach and uses his expertise to build and lead teams to the successful execution of these engagements, while maintaining them operationally executable. Julio has dedicated himself throughout his career to become a leader who engages in projects with an “All-In” attitude.

 In addition to Cisco, Julio has invaluable expertise and broad business range acquired over two decades, by driving positive outcomes in multiple roles covering International Trade Finance, Forfaiting, Syndications, Structured Finance, and Credit Administration in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Such traits have consistently enabled Julio to achieve command of the skills needed to manage ongoing business planning processes and manage risk, while developing strategies to meet future challenges, and always meeting customers expectation.

 Combining his proven business instinct with an unprecedented disciplinary work ethic, Julio has continuously exceeded expectations in high stake environments positioning himself as a key member of each company he has worked for.

 Julio, was born in San Juan Puerto Rico, from Cuban born parents and raised in Miami, Florida. He has  lived in Davie FL with his family for last 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, he has been married for 32 years to his high school sweetheart, Maria, and has three children (all adults).  | Phone: (305) 496-8881



Barrie Whitehead

My name is Barrie Whitehead, I live on lot 247. I cannot imagine a better place to live. 


About 8 years ago, I started coming out here on weekends as Corey and Lauren Millers guest. I’m still amazed by the beauty of the area and the real sense of community here.

 Even as guests, I wase made to feel like part of the family by many people I met. I was definitely hooked. We purchased lot 247 in February of 2016 and by July decided to make Indian Hammock our permanent full-time residence.


I work outside my home seasonally as a General Manager of an Income Tax Franchise. My unique work year enables me to be very involved with our Community.

Many of you know that I have served as chair of the Hospitality and Special Events Committee for the last four years and have Co-chaired the Equestrian Committee. I have also served on other ad-hoc committees from time to time.

While leading these Committees it has been my goal to help promote and encourage the wonderful sense of community that has always been prevalent here.

Through these committees I have had the privilege of working with a lot of wonderful neighbors and staff. I have served this community by organizing and hosting, meetings, workdays, and many community events.

I’m involved in shooting sports, and riding my horse every chance I get. I also love the sense of community in Indian Hammock and try to participate in as many things as I can.

I am thankful every day to be a part of this extended family, and have always wanted what is best for OUR Hammock.

Having served on the Board of Directors in 2019 and 2021 and I am willing and able to do so again.

While serving as a Board member my goal is to strive to do everything I can to be fair and to maintain our community and keep it the place we all fell in love with.

Thank You

My name is Babette Gildemeyer, my husband Mike and I fell in love with the Old Florida feel of Indian Hammock as soon as we drove through the gates.  We became weekenders one year ago with Tequesta as our main residence.  I am an equestrian and we both enjoy the beauty and many trails of Indian Hammock. 


We own two businesses in Tequesta, a General Construction Company and a Custom Cabinet Design Center, both companies that I am the Vice President and Financial Officer.  I also work as a Quality Assurance Analyst Lead managing multiple employees and feel that my experience in a leadership role gives me an open mindedness to work well with people and an ability to listen before making decisions.   


I want to help keep Indian Hammock a thriving community but maintain the Old Florida beauty and natural surroundings that brought us all here and that we were lucky enough to grow up in.  I believe that the board should work together with the community and the members to make The Hammock the place we can all raise our kids, bring our grandkids and see our future retirement. 


I know that I have not met many of you in the Hammock as of yet, but if you give me the chance, you will see that I only have the best interest in keeping our little slice of heaven in my heart. 


Babette Gildemeyer