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Welcome to the IH Memories page

Here you will find articles and brochures from the IH of long ago.  Enjoy!

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Thank you to the many members who saved these treasures and shared them with us.

Article in the "Palm Beach Post-Times" from May 5, 1974

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Thirteen page advertising brochure circa 1970's

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Quad-fold advertising brochure circa late 1970's


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"Indian Hammock Fights to Survive" article.  Palm Beach Times, August 1979

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1981 Fire Articles with photos

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Tri-fold advertising brochure circa 1982

Outside **Little girl with the deer is Boomer Dover**


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Drug bust articles circa mid 1980's

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Article in the Heartland Magazine, published in 1989

Note: You will notice our 15 minutes of fame in the article was crushed when the writer referred to us as Indian Harbor throughout.

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