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Letter to present to any vendors or contractors interested in becoming an advertiser. 

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The Communications Committee has now been offering ads to members and non-members since August of 2018. Over the last 12 months we generated $6737 in advertising income that has been used for interior and exterior Lodge upgrades. Our total overall advertising income since inception is an amazing $24,527. Thank you to all the members who have advertised and/or referred their vendors to us for advertising.

For 2022, we brought you a total of 12 Hammock Heralds and 13 Tom Tom’s, including the popular Year-In-Review issue. We were also pleased to help the community by sending out event reminder emails, lodge menus, and notices about lost and found pets. Additionally, we kept the membership directory, website, and our social media accounts up to date.

Finally, I thank all my hard-working committee members for volunteering with a smile.

Editor of the Hammock Herald, writer & photographer: Nathalie LaMothe

Writers: Tom Brooks, Matt Rector, and Bill Miller

Photographers: Darlene Mayers, Matthew Natale, Jason & George Stark, and Rena Schlener.

Proofreaders: DeAnne Harland and Steve Devine

Thank you to all of the members who filled in during the year as both writers and photographers when called upon.

Carol Devine, Communications Committee Chair