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Aviation Committee

The aviation committee thru its SOP advises the airport manager and the BOD in the safe and efficient use of the airport facilities for the benefit of our membership.

The IH airport area includes the runway, the approaches, the hangar boundary area, the hangars, and the taxiways…which in the aggregate is a significant capital asset for the Club.
The Committee historically hosts several community wide events at the airport.  In 2022, the committee hosted an “Aviation Day” in March and a “Fly In Breakfast” in December.

Aviation Day involves inviting members to bring their families to the airport and sign up for free airplane rides, tour static displays of member airplanes, learn about the IH Airport while exploring the different types of aviation activities at IH, and always important, enjoy food and beverages donated by the Committee.  Aviation Day this past 2022 was a great success, sharing airplane rides with 34 members and family, donating over 70 breakfasts, and introducing aviation to the next generation of IH members!  Thank you to Bret Davis, Stephen Hunt, Mike Wodjdlak, and Scott Frost for donating their piloting skill, their aircraft, and fuel for airplane rides.

The Breakfast Fly in held just this past December, saw about 23 invited airplanes that flew in from neighboring communities, along with over 50 of our members.  We all enjoyed Fernando and Lia’s homemade breakfast sandwiches along with some sugary desserts!  Among the aircraft that flew in were 4 helicopters!  In all the previous aviation events there has never been more than one occasional helicopter, but this year there were 4!  As pilots, it’s a special treat to watch helicopters come and go.  Lastly a thank you shout out to Caroline Breza for donating her always enjoyed Sausage Bread.  

Thanks to the IH communication staff, there are YouTube videos that memorialize 2022 aviation events and can be viewed by clicking the following links:

March 2022 IH Aviation Day:
December 2022 Fly In:

Finishing up the year, the committee asked for an advisory AWOS to be installed at the airport and paid for thru a one-time allocation of some of the hangar tenants rental revenue. In December the AWOS was commissioned into service.  Any member can access the weather data from the AWOS by logging onto the website and clicking on the weather station links at the bottom of the home page.  Not only does the AWOS provide enhanced situational awareness for the member pilot community but it also provides accurate weather monitoring and archival features available for all members.  The Aviation Committee would like to thank the hangar tenants for their contributions to this significant airport enhancement.

The committee is appreciative of the hard work and attention of the club manager and the employees of IH whose effort keeps the runway, the windsocks, and the taxiway in absolutely fantastic shape!

The committee would also like to make a very special thank you to member Mike Wojdylak for his generous giving to the membership by donating rides in his award winning antique Stearman Bi plane.  Mike is always encouraging members to enjoy the open air biplane experience, reliving not only the early days of American military and civilian flying heritage, but also keeping the history of aviation in the hearts of our community.  Mike never accepts any money for his donations. Thank you Mike for all that you do.

If you are an old or new member to IH and are interested in learning more about the amenities offered at the IH airport, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a committee member or the Club Manager and connect with us!  We are always looking for aviation enthusiasts!

Thank you to Scott Frost, David Bass, Bret Davis, David Minor, Clem Kramer, Mike Wojdylak, Gordon VanKouwenberg, Scott Sombric, Jon Henshaw, and Jerry Farquhar for serving on the Aviation Committee this year.

Scott Frost, Aviation Committee chair

Highlights from our recent Fly-in Breakfast CLICK HERE

Link to the Weather Station:

Indian Hammock Airport Weather Station-FL75

In addition, a real time aviation weather page can be bookmarked at Aviation Weather FL75